Monday, November 1, 2010

Project 1 student: Abraham

I am proud to introduce you to Abraham, one of our first students to benefit from the sponsorship and tutoring program at Project 1.  Abraham was the first student that I got the chance to spend time with at the project.  He is a wonderful young man who plays some serious soccer.  Abraham is fifteen and is in the sixth grade.  He lives near LIA in the Yeka subcity.
Abraham on our first day.
Abraham's father has died.  He now lives with his mother and brother.  His main teacher said that he is an excellent student and that, with encouragement, he will be able to excel in helping his family, friends and neighbors.  When we asked Abraham how we can pray for him he said "My mom has no home.  Pray that God gives a home to my mom."  Thanks for your support and prayers for Abraham.

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