Monday, November 22, 2010

What good could come from this?

Sometimes we wonder what we have to offer.  Most of us our busy.  Most of us feel like our money is tight, our schedule is tight, and our mind is crammed full of things we are already forgetting.  Often we feel like we don't have anything really good to offer, so what is it even worth?
Last September I went to Ethiopia.  Many of you sent money along for our first project.  When I got there, rooms had already been worked on and were looking pretty great.  At the same time, I remember standing there thinking, 'I must be crazy.  Why do you have us doing this God?  What will really come of it?"  I was standing looking at rooms like this trying to imagine ministry happening.

I remember being excited about the new roof, but still wondering what would be able to be done in rooms like this.  I talked with my friend Phil about it and we trusted God would do what He had planned.  Before we left on the last day we got to meet the students at Project 1 and began to see what God would do through everyone's faithfulness.
Since we left so much has happened.  I got an update today that had me crying in Starbucks.  There are now ten women going through life skill and job training at Project 1.  They have had rough pasts and are now given a place to rest, dream, and move forward into what God has for them.  They decided together that they wanted to learn to do hair.  With that in mind, a salon school was started.  Here's one of the photos I received this morning.

Look at how this room is transformed! Look at the potential here!  I'm so grateful to be able to see God's Kingdom moving so powerfully, through very small, and simple things.  Thanks to all of you who are taking part in Eyes That See.  We are praying about expanding this project and will announce our new project next week.  All of this is dependent on God stirring the hearts of His people.  Thanks for joining us in this journey!

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