Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Church Partner

I know that everyone in Wisconsin knows about Valleybrook Church, but we have begun getting support from people around the country.  I want to take a moment to publicly thank Valleybrook for all of their support over the years.  Valleybrook is the community that Nikki and I worshiped with for our whole marriage, as well as the church where I was a pastor before Eyes That See.  When we said it was time for us to leave and go to Louisville the church was so supportive.  People have been in prayer and support throughout the move and transition.  Valleybrook has also been very generous in supporting Eyes That See monthly out of their missions budget.  They are also helping us with bookkeeping, communications, and whatever other needs come up.  Thank you so much friends.  We love you guys.  We'll see you in December!

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