Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Amazing Gift

I realize that Nikki and I have the unfair advantage of seeing so many people respond to what God is doing by make great sacrifices.  We also get to see lives changed and transformed through God's goodness.  I hope that you are able to see that in real ways as well.
For just a moment, I want to tell you about the mail I received yesterday.  There is a sweet girl in Altoona, Wisconsin who has a desire to see the people of Ethiopia.  At her grandmother's thrift sale Reagan had a lemonade and cookie stand.  She worked all day telling the customers about the people in Ethiopia that she was working so hard to support.  Some people responded generously.  Others walked away, but for everyone who went to that thrift sale, they were given the opportunity to see God's Kingdom at work in real ways.  Reagan sent the money she raised along with a sweet note that will go to the students at Project 1.

Thanks for inspiring me, Reagan.  We really love you and your family!

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