Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project 1 student: Addisalam

Some children are just sweet and soft spoken.  Some blend in throughout life, even when they have big hopes and dreams.  Addisalam is a kind, quiet, seventh grader.  He is eleven years old, though his family no longer celebrates birthdates.  His dad has passed away and he now lives at home, just he and his mom.  His teachers say that his behavior is excellent and that he is a good student.
Addisalam smiling for his friends.
When we asked Addisalam how we could pray for him, he asked that we would pray for him to "have a successful life and have God help my mother."  Addisalam is a sweet young man.  His life is being transformed as you see him and care for him.  I don't know if he would have the words or confidence to same them yet, but I will thank you on his behalf.

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