Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 1 -Hair Styling School

Here are pictures of the women who are going through the hair styling school in Project 1. There are currently 10 women who wanted to leave their current life of prostitution to discover the plan God has for them.
Through this program they receive counseling, prayer support, hygiene and daily care instruction, daily meals, and a hair styling school.

Because of your financial and prayer support these women are able to discover their God created identity and begin to see what their worth in Jesus is. Just $50 a month supports the needs of one of the women in our program.

There is one thing that sticks with me the most about this group of women. Even though there have probably been times in their lives that they haven't felt all that beautiful, maybe even felt worthless or shameful, they are now choosing to learn to be able to make other women beautiful!!

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  1. I love this post!! i will deft. be praying for this project!! it would be so much fun to talk to them about cosmotology!! very neat!! good luck to all of them in there adventure!! katie