Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 1 student: Hermela

Hermela is a beautiful 12 year old student in Addis.  She likes to laugh and play with her friends. While the boys play soccer, her friends lean close to Hermela on the wall as they whisper back and forth.  Like many Ethiopians, she loves doro wat.  In many ways, Hermela is like other 12 year old girls.

Hermela posing for a photo
Unlike many 12 year old girls, Hermela is navigating life without her parents.  She lives with her grandmother.  She has no siblings.  Hermela leans on her friends, her dreams and her faith.  She is in the seventh grade and her teachers note that she is an excellent student.  When Hermela was asked how we could pray for her she asked that we would pray that she would be able to support her family and keep her faith.  Thanks for praying for Hermela and her grandmother.  Thank you for being generous so she can enjoy being an almost typical 12 year old girl in Addis.

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