Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 1 student: Helen

The first day I met Helen she wore a smile that was brighter than the scarf she wore.  The whole time as we spoke, played and toured the facilities, Helen smiled at the opportunity that she was being given.  As a student involved in Project 1 she is benefiting from the extra tutoring and meals.  She also has the comfort of not worrying about how to pay for school fees next month.

Helen enjoying Project 1

Since Helen's mother is no longer alive, she lives with her grandmother.  The live in the Yeka subcity where she is in 8th grade.  As a 14 year old who has seen a lot of life she asked that we would pray that she would have a successful life and be successful in her education.  Thanks for praying for and supporting Helen. I hope you are able to meet her someday.

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