Friday, November 12, 2010

Project 1 student: Meskerem

Eighth grade is an important year in Ethiopia.  It is the grade where students turn towards preparatory school, vocational school, or leave school to find work doing whatever they can find.  We are so glad that we are able to step in and impact this year for our friend, Meskerem.  Meskerem is a seventeen year old girl who lives with her grandmother, her two brothers and her sister.  

Meskerem enjoying the first day of Project 1

Meskerem was chosen for this project by her teachers because of her potential to impact her family and her city through education.  She is full of promise and life.  I can only begin to imagine what God may do through this young woman's life.  When we asked her how we could pray for her, Meskerem asked that we pray for her and her siblings' lives to change in brand new directions.  I know that God hears this prayer and will guide this family to lasting hope in Him.

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