Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project 1 student: Rekik

Some people remind you why everything you do is worthwhile.  Rekik is one of those people.  Rekik has lost both of her parents.  She lives with her grandmother now, but they have so little to live on.  Still, with this reality, Rekik has not lost hope.  She is doing well in school and is in the 8th grade at the age of 13.

Rekik is benefiting from the tutoring at Project 1
Rekik had such a wonderfully confident smile as she waited for Project 1 to be explained.  I know that she realized the opportunity that this is for her.  She is a smart young woman who seems ready to watch God move powerfully in her life.  When we asked how we could pray for her, Rekik said that she would like us to pray for her to have a successful life and for the health of her grandmother.  She is well aware that this may be the reason that she has been brought to Project 1.  There is hope written upon her face.

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