Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project 1 student: Yonathan

I only spent about two hours with him.  His story is a difficult one.  His family, consisting of his mother and his brother, is struggling to make it.  Yonathan is an excellent student, but for obvious reasons his mind drifts from school to home all too often.  His teachers were hoping we could help him out so that he could focus on school.  When I met him I just wanted him to be able to be a kid again, or maybe for the first time.

Yonathan is an incredible 13 year old.  If there is anyone at Project 1 who is going to pull a trick on me I am sure it is him.  He loves playing soccer with the other kids and his laugh is contagious.  His eyes have seen a lot of life and they are heavy as if that is true.  Still, his heart is young, pure, and beginning to hope.  He is excelling in the 8th grade and is dreaming of what may be ahead for him.  When we asked him how we could pray for him, he said, "Pray for me to have a successful life and to succeed in school."  I look forward to watching him flourish.  For those of you who have invested in Project 1 so far, I want to thank you for impacting Yonathan.  His life is truly different because you had courage to give.  

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