Monday, November 1, 2010


I first met Tigist in September of 2009. She was working as a nanny at an orphanage I was working at. Her situation and story was difficult to hear. She was found in the alley outside of this orphanage crying and without a place to live. Thankfully this orphanage offered her a job caring for the babies.

I've wanted to share Tigist's story with you for a long time and I had every plan on doing it until now. When I sat down to write her story I just couldn't do it. It just didn't feel right. Maybe someday I will be able to, but now is not the time. I felt like having you see Tigist as who she is... a child of God and not seeing her as her past. So many times a person's past becomes their identity. We see this often with our work in Ethiopia. A poor choice or an unavoidable circumstance becomes the label these individuals live with forever. Slowly over time sometimes they believe this is all they can be.

I'm personally quite passionate about not allowing one's past to define them because I, like many others, have parts of my history that aren't that pretty to think about. If I would have allowed those yucky parts to define me I would be no where near the person I am today. I would feel worthless, unlovable, and not useful in God's kingdom. But thankfully, because of Jesus and His amazing love, He has redeemed my story.

Through Eyes That See, redeeming one's past and putting a new mark of God's child on them is exactly what we are praying to do. Our hearts are desperate for you to have Eyes That See your neighbor, the family across town, or the young mother in Ethiopia as exactly who they are - children of God.

Tigist and Endris enjoying Addis.

So it isn't her whole story but for now here's a little bit about Tigist:

Name: Tigist Girma
Position: Cook and Cleaning
Family Origin: Oromo
Experience/Education: Completed Grade 10, Nanny, and teaching children
Dream for Ethiopia: She is praying for the country to be restored
Favorite Food: Injera
Favorite Color: White
Prayer Request: That her life as well as her son's life be restored!

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