Monday, September 27, 2010

Another update....

The trip continues to go well for Matt and Phil. They are both staying healthy and getting a lot done. Unfortunately there was a lot of work to be done in the building so this took extra time and money we weren't anticipating. They have added the new room, done some plumbing work, patched up some walls and done some painting.

Matt sent these specific prayer requests:
  • That the 10 women and 10 children God has for Project.1 get selected.
  • That this process happens in His time as I am so excited to have it start.
  • For wisdom for the LIA staff.
  • For His favor on ETS.

Thank you again for your support and prayers!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates from Project 1

Matt and Phil made it safely to Ethiopia. They are healthy and doing well. They got right to work today. As Matt mentioned in another post, the building has been prepared for the children but still has a little work to do. Today a tin roof was put on and a washing machine was bought.

Tomorrow Phil and Matt will be going to the school to meet some of the kids that will be apart of the program and they are also going to do some interviews for the employees that will be working at Project 1 - the after school program.

Thank you for the prayers for this trip! I will give you more updates as I get them!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We are Legit!!!

We are legit!! Our Articles of Incorporation came in the mail today!! What does that mean? We are now Eyes That See, Inc.
Sorry to all of those who wanted to name their restaurant or store Eyes That See!! It's already taken!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Funding update

Just you know, we have raised over $3,000 of the money needed for this first project to begin!  We are so thankful and excited.  If you are interested in still being a part of this very first project and you are in Eau Claire, you can drop money off at Valleybrook Church. Otherwise you can join us in support by sending checks to:
Eyes That See
11408 Shelbyville Road
Louisvillle, 40243
Thanks for all the prayers and support.


There is a facility within Addis that has been beautifully prepared for people to come and feel refreshed, empowered, and encouraged.  A classroom has already been built.  A water purification system has already been installed by a team from Pastor Matt Dye's church in Kentucky.  The walls are painted and the furniture is in place.  
I get to have the honor of watching as the doors our opened up by our Ethiopian friends.  We will be opening the doors to the community several days a week.  We will begin by serving a meal, offering after school tutoring, showers, and washing and mending uniforms for the children. We will have this facility open to the community so they can come and take pure water back to their homes for cooking and drinking.  It is a simple task, but it is a start. 
We have received some support for this project.  As we prepare to go and start this I want to ask you for specific prayer as well.  Here are some requests:

  • Please pray for Endris and others who will be on staff at this LIA project.  Pray for God's protection and courage as they begin to serve in this way.
  • Pray for wisdom as we begin this program.  We only want to place our feet where He has guided our steps.
  • Pray for Phil and I as we go and for our families back home as we are gone. 
  • Pray for our eyes to see our Father in new ways and to see His Kingdom clearly before us.  
Thanks for all of your prayers.  We'll make sure to keep you filled in on everything!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Tomorrow is the Ethiopian New Year!! Happy 2004!!! If you find yourself without an Ethiopian New Years party to attend, hit the closest coffee shop for a tall Fair Trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Make sure to drink it Ethiopian style with raw sugar and a side of popcorn!

Also to keep the celebration going make sure you eat lunch or dinner with only your hands!! No utensils needed! Kiss your family three times on the cheeks too - maybe give them a heads up before you do that one!!

Melkam Adis Amet!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Ethiopia...

In just a little while I will be heading to Ethiopia.  I've been able to visit this beautiful country enough to have the airline think I must really be somebody!  We were upgraded flying to St. Louis once.  (Why not all the way to Ethiopia, Delta!)  As I think about leaving soon, I cannot even explain how excited and humbled I am to be doing this again.
First, I'm excited because I truly love this country.  The people are unexplainable.  The best way to say it is, whether it is because three of my sons are from there or simply because God spoke it to be, I feel like I am one of them.  Regrettably I don't speak Amharic yet, and I'm clearly lighter skinned and hairier than anyone I've met there, but I feel at home in Ethiopia.  I cannot wait to feel that again.
Second, I'm humbled by going to Ethiopia again.  It is an honor to adopt and be called into that.  Sending Nikki to bring Durant home, and then bringing home Ezra and Jackson was such a gift.  Going to Ethiopia with teams to serve through KVI was such a gift to me personally and to my family.  All of these things are true, yet this trip is different.  We left our home, our family and friends, my dream job, and everything that is familiar to go and start this new journey that we feel so strongly that God is calling us into.  It is humbling to feel this sense of calling.  It is humbling to feel so strongly that if God isn't guiding our steps we will sink into the lake beneath us like Peter, or into the hands of enemies like Abraham or Joshua. (I'm not comparing myself to them, but just feeling the Scriptures in new ways!)  I cannot wait to see our friends in Ethiopia, meet the children and mothers we will serve, and pray for God's guidance and direction.  I'm so humbled by the thought that God has invited our family to do this work.  We wake in the morning with such meaning and truly sense that God is guiding our steps.
As I prepare to leave, I'm praying that God will stir people's hearts to give towards the beginnings of this project.  We are praying for $5,000 to start LIA, our very first project where we are partnering with our friends at Arise for Children.  This money will be used towards getting children into school, putting food in some hungry bellies, offering job training for mothers in need, and the staffing to lead it all.  All of this money will be given directly to the needs of our friends in Ethiopia.  Please pray about your role in this first trip.  If you are interested in being a part, please email me or simply send your support to:
Eyes That See
11408 Shelbyville Rd.
Louisville, KY 40243

Thank you and God bless you!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Slight Glitch.....

We wanted to let you all know that although we have received some mail at our Shelbyville road address we found out that the post office didn't recognize Eyes That See as a tenant of that address with all mail. Some of you may have received your mail back. We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue is already taken care of.

Matt is leaving for Ethiopia in a couple weeks and is very excited to come back with updates on what God is doing through Eyes That See!

Thank you again so much for your support of Eyes That See.