Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project 1 student: Natnael

Some kids just grab your heart.  Maybe it's because he shares a name with my son.  Maybe it's because he has unique needs that remind me of my daughter.  Maybe it's just his laugh.  Whatever it is, Natnael is a young man I could never forget.
Natnael trying not to smile

Natnael is a 7th grader who is a joy in the classroom.  Facing difficult situations at home as well as with his health, Natnael is a joy to watch.  His family was struggling to pay for school, but now Natnael's concerns are lifted as he can study for his exams knowing that the family's need are met.  When he was asked how we could pray for him, Natnael said that he would like us to pray for "help for my family and a successful life."  We will pray for you Natnael.  I cannot wait to play soccer with you again.

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