Friday, April 8, 2011

Month of Change-Day 8

One of the most striking things from the past trip was seeing the change in Yonathan.  When I first met him, he was going to stop going to school since there was no money available for him.  He had a bit of the typical middle school rebellion in him and he was going to take on the world on his own.  He would smile, but the smile quickly left for a hardened look.  It was just Yonathan against the world.  He was going to be the man of the house.  He was going to be the provider at 13.

first photo of Yonathan

Thankfully his teachers stepped in.  They said his mind would drift from school to his mother, and they could only imagine how great of a student he could be if he was ever able to concentrate.  We were given the opportunity to step in and help.  He goes to LIA nearly everyday now.  Yonathan is excelling in school and able to speak confidently in Amharic or English.  In fact, the principal of his school said that he has become the top student in the entire school.

When I saw Yonathan he had a ring on his finger.  I asked if he was married and he just smiled and hid.  When I asked where he got the ring he told me it was his mother's.  Sure, there was pain in his eyes, but there was hope as well.  The pressure of carrying her and his brother was off of his shoulders.  It still wasn't far from his mind, but it wasn't his to carry alone.

Yonathan (in the middle) with his friends.

During "Month of Change" you are helping children like Yonathan.  Thank you for investing in him.

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