Friday, April 15, 2011

Month of Change- Day 15

When you haven't seen someone for a while, it easier to see the change in them.  We hear this a lot with our kids.  They live with us, so we don't notice them looking taller, or sounding like they are from the south.  When someone else sees or hears them, they always notice the difference.

One of the most drastic changes that I saw in Ethiopia was the change in Wobegig.  When Wobegig described herself, she said she was always angry and always hurting.  Life had been hard for her and she was struggling just to survive.

Wobegig's first day

When Nikki and Christy were able to visit her in February they were moved by her circumstances.  She had become content in a home that many of us would not want to walk in.  Her life was coming together and she felt a sense of worth.  Over the following few weeks she got sick.  This is often enough to defeat someone, yet she did not give up.  She continued on in the program and graduated with her class.
Wobegig's home.
The day that we left Ethiopia I got to talk with Wobegig for a short while.  I told her that we all loved her, even those of you who haven't met her.  I told her that on her graduation day she looked beautiful and so proud.  She looked to the side and said, "I did."  At first I wasn't sure if she meant beautiful or proud.  I think she meant both.  for the next few hours we laughed and ate as peers, the way that it is supposed to be.  I'm blessed to have crossed paths with Wobegig.  

Many of you are giving change this week towards Eyes That See.  This change has gone towards the loans given to Wobegig and the rest of the graduates.  It also is going towards the next group of women who will experience the same change that she felt.  Thanks for giving of yourself.  Enjoy your day.


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