Monday, April 4, 2011

Month of Change- Day 4

Calcium.  I can honestly say that I have never thought about the need for calcium.  I remember drinking milk and thinking that I would grow tall like Michael Jordan because of it, but I had never seen the result of living without calcium until the last few years.

Two weeks ago while we were in Ethiopia we got to see Natnael again.  I had met him in September.  When we first met I was told that he had special needs.  I knew that he was a bright boy, but looked pretty weak.  I also knew that culturally you don't ask what his needs are, so I just prayed for his health.

In December Endris, the LIA director in Ethiopia, began using money that was wired to buy Natnael milk.  When he asked me permission I didn't fully understand.  Of course he could buy milk for Natnael, I thought.  I had no clue that this might save his life.

Natnael's grandma watched over this milk.  They would bring it to her house, and though the whole family suffers from lack of calcium, she made sure that only Natnael drank it.  This milk was for him to get strong, and they would hope help would come for them as well.

On our last day we went to Natnael's house. It was about the size of our bathroom.  In this house his mother, grandma, aunt and uncle lived.  They welcomed us in and thanked us for caring for him.  Days earlier they were given calcium pills that my friend Andy had brought them.  Natnael's family brought the pills to the doctor and he had told them how this would change their lives.  When we told Natnael's family that they could all take the medicine, tears filled their eyes.  They were so grateful and began dreaming of what life would be like with healthy bodies.

As we walked out of their home I couldn't help but put my arm around Natnael.  Through him I was able to meet a beautiful family and see even more clearly how blessed I am to be able to know them.  I watched him walk quickly back to school.  He was getting stronger and healthier just like his grandma had said.  All because of calcium.

As you give towards Eyes That See this month you are making a difference in people like Natnael.  Thank you.

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