Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Month of Change- Day 20

Tomorrow is a Thursday.  This may not seem that important except that in this little compound in Addis six women will gather together for a Bible study.  These women, all of which graduated from our hair school last month, have been meeting each Thursday to learn what it is that God says and who He says that they are.  They are coming from lives where they thought very little of themselves, and this is brand new territory for them.  In the past few months they have found a new way of defining themselves, a new career, and a new God.  This God that they serve now is the loving Father that the Bible tells about.  

This week they will celebrate Easter.  They have celebrated it before, but it will feel new.  The story is now their story.  Jesus died for them.  He is now alive in them.  There is reason to celebrate.

Next Monday they start small business training as they get ready to receive the loans that have been given.  Two of the loans came in this week so that all ten will be passed out.  They are now dreaming of mentoring the new women in the program, showing them how live their lives in a new way.  For Misrak, Helen, Hiwot, Miten, Woubijig and Fikerte, all of life is new.  They are committed to meet each Thursday to continue to experience all that life has for them.  

The change that you are giving throughout this month is having a direct impact on women like these six.  Thanks for your commitment.  

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  1. This is very exciting, what a story and reason for joy!