Monday, April 18, 2011

Month of Change- Day 18

We have a little change jar in our kitchen.  It is a semi scary piece of pottery that Ezra made in school this year.  We decided that this would be our "Month of Change" jar.  The kids have gotten pretty excited about it.  Several times I have found Ezra digging around the van for quarters.  The fun part is they end up in the jar and not his pocket.  Carter wanted me to buy dinner with cash, hoping that the amount would be like $12.13 so that we would get more change in return.

Yesterday our kids got some money and each one decided that they wanted to put some towards Eyes That See.  They are really understanding what is behind it to, that people will get some food, clothing and schooling that they desperately need.

It isn't that often that our kids get to feel that they can make a huge difference.  Sometimes they are too small or too young.  Sometimes the amount of money that they can give can't go far enough.  I've been really encouraged these last few weeks that none of this is true right now.  Our kids are encouraged and excited.  They feel that they can change Ethiopia and they want everyone to be involved.  They are thinking beyond themselves and dreaming up new ways to help people.  I'm glad that we are doing this "Month of Change" not just for Eyes That See, but for our family as well.

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