Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In The News

There has been a lot about Egypt lately in the news and the horrible situation going on there.  Nikki's great friend was impacted by the riots and many here in the US are very concerned.  Please continue to pray for the people in Cairo.

At the same time, we have been asked a lot over the past few weeks if it is safe to travel to Ethiopia.   Nikki is leaving soon with Christy and I will be leaving in March.  The US government issues travel warnings for countries that they feel citizens should not visit.  Here is there description from their website.

"Travel Warnings are issued when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. "

Ethiopia is not on their list of countries and remains a fairly safe place to travel to.  Of course, there are always dangers, but not more than other times.   As Nikki's husband who is very invested in her safe return, I feel good about her going to Ethiopia again.  Of course, for her sake I do wish there was a Jimmy John's in Addis, but the is simply personal preference on her part!

 Please pray for God's work to be done and we know that this and every trip is in God's hands.  We will be updating you on the progress of the projects in Ethiopia and the travels of Christy and Nikki as we get the updates.  Thanks for being part of Eyes That See.

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