Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday we had the chance to meet 6 of the students involved in the after-school program. We learned their names, had some fun conversation as they practiced the English they are learning, played a little soccer, and spent time getting to know them. Each of the students received a little goodie bag filled with donations from some of you -- thank you!

The way these young people's lives has changed is amazing. Each of them have lost not only one, but both of their parents. Some have family members taking care of them, but through Project 1 now have a chance to eat a meal after school, clean their uniforms so they can continue in their schooling, take showers, receive tutoring, and learn about the love of Jesus. The staff in charge of the project are very proud of the students and how far they have come. They commented that these children were not children who knew how to laugh and play just months ago...all they knew was loss and work. At Project 1, they have learned how to play, and how to be children if only for a small part of their day. And their joy is contagious - every moment that we weren't talking or playing with them, we were all laughing.

God is doing amazing things!! And He is so good that we are all invited to wear this same joy around with us today. You're reading this because God has called you to be a part of this, maybe through prayer, maybe through financial support. But however you are meant to be a part, please don't miss it! This joy is for you! Please share in it with us today!

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