Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Last Day

The last day in Addis came more quickly then I was ready for. I'm always surprised how that can happen. I'm anxious and excited to go home to see my family again, but a sadness sets in when the time nears to our departure.
Ethiopia is truly my home away from home. I have better relationships and feel more alive and comfortable in my own skin when I am there. But don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the United States and consider it a gift that I get to live here.

As typical in Ethiopian culture, Christy and I were sent off with a coffee ceremony! This is truly an honor and a sign of respect and love. This time though was the most honored I have ever felt. I got to light the candle starting the ceremony and also cut the bread!! This is the first time I've gotten to do this and it is also not customary for women to do either of these practices. So I felt very honored!!

And in true Nikki fashion, I entertain everyone as I struggled to light the candle (4 tries) and couldn't get the bread to cut all the way through!!

We were given kind words of thanks and appreciation and also gifts to go home with. A couple of the women stood up and shared their hearts with the group. We had coffee, bread, popcorn, and barley, and we ended with worship. It was a great send off.

I have to say thank you again for your support of Eyes That See. We know all of this is only able to happen because of God's love for you and all His children. Thank you for your obedience.

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