Friday, February 11, 2011


Let me tell you about Mitean. She is a 24 year old living in government housing because both of her parents have died. Mitean is a very intelligent women and she happens to be the very best student at the beauty school!
Mitean opening her graduation gift!

Before coming to our program, Mitean described herself as angry, irritable, and unapproachable. But now with a smile on her face describes herself as hopeful, patient, and kind.

This past week holds some very special moments for Mitean. On Saturday she accepted Jesus as her savior. This week she got offered a job at a salon!! She hasn't even graduated yet, but they are so impressed with her ability that they are going to hire her part time until she graduates next month and then she will go full time! Christy and I are so excited that we are able to be here to celebrate with her.

Mitean wants to say thank you for your generous gifts which has enabled her to change from the inside out.

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