Thursday, January 13, 2011

We need you!

We are blessed by your support through prayer and financial giving. We truly appreciate it and it is making a huge difference in many lives in Ethiopia. Because of this, we want to do more and continue the work we are doing, but we need your help. We want more and more people in the United States to begin to have Eyes That See. Would you pray about sharing the stories of what God is doing in Ethiopia with your friends, co-workers, your neighbors, family, on facebook and twitter?

It truly is amazing to watch how God is providing and changing lives. You remember the group of women going through the training at the hair salon? Well, they are going to graduate in March. Their lives are being transformed and they are feeling the love of Jesus because of you! Here is a quote from Endris, our Ethiopian coordinator of the project, about these women

"I had private interview with some of our ladies who told me they are benefiting a lot out of this time. As she is entertaining them to speak about their past story, most of them speak in tears while expressing their commercial sex worker life and how people are abusing them. Many of them are deciding to change their lifestyle to become normal citizens of Ethiopia."

The women have been meeting with a counselor and she is the one he is referring to that is encouraging these women to talk about their past stories.

This is happening because of your support. When these women graduate, Eyes That See doesn't want to be done helping. We want to help another group of women experience the love of Jesus. The women are already waiting; we just need the licensing and funding. There is no limit to what God can do, and we know He will provide for many more groups of women to rise up and discover their worth in Jesus!

In just a few weeks I get to meet these women and see and hear the difference that has been made in their lives. I'm so excited to let them all know it is because of Jesus and His love for them.

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