Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Entering to find a career, leaving whole

At Project 1-LIA we have eleven women who are learning to be hair dressers.  I just found out that their graduation date will be in March.  At this time they will leave as hair dressers, but they will leave as so much more.  They will leave the project with a chance to be whole.  So far these women are drawn to hearing who it is that God says that they are and have begun responding.  Here's what Endris wrote about this.

"Our 11 women have started Bible Study every week (Monday and Tuesday) in two groups.  The two groups are combined to come before the Lord to learn Salvation teaching on every Thursday from 11: 30- 12:15. What amazes me is not only their interest to know the Bible, but also how they have initiated us to start the programme and are actively participating in home works and Bible reading. During their school hours we arranged electronics so that they can hear music and learn through audio Bible." 

 Endris had a time to talk with each of the women individually.  Though they are grateful for the vocational training, the thing that they spoke of most was the group counseling.  Here they are encouraged to talk about their lives and, through tears, they can share about the abuses and pain they went through in their work as prostitutes.  It is a gift to hear how they dream of working in a salon.  These are beautiful women beginning to see the beauty God has put within them.  

The gifts that you have given directly impact the lives of these women.  This would not happen without your faithful generosity.  Thanks for seeing these women and generously investing in their lives.
Sharing lunch at Project 1-LIA

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