Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An update from Endris

In one of the updates that Endris sent this week, he gave a good picture of the joy that we get to feel as partners in Eyes That See.  He wrote about two women and the way that this hairdressing school has changed their entire lives.  Both have recently accepted Christ and are working hard towards graduation.  Here's part of what he wrote.

"The conversion of the two women is very amazing. One of them is HIV+ and working in home care of HIV+ people. She has three children who have no father. The other one is commercial sex worker around Kazanchis (where our office is located). Both have decided to change their life by the skill training we offer and their new life in the Lord.
This is the highlight of what kinds of changes are happening around us. The team here is working all it can, to impact the women skill wise, psychologically and spiritually. We are hoping the Lord to help us a lot."

Thanks for all of your prayers and support.  We are going to be updating you in the following weeks as Nikki sees the project first hand.  Please continue to pray for this project, as well as The Keziah Project as we prepare to open the doors.  .

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