Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking at 2010

For our family 2010 was a year that we will never forget.  The chance to start Eyes That See and move from Wisconsin to Louisville will mark this past year forever in our hearts and minds.  As we look forward to what God has in 2011, I can't go into the year without thanking everyone who helped us through this journey.  Many of you have been praying for us and encouraging us with words and financial gifts.  We couldn't do this without you.  I want to give a special thanks to a few people for certain.

Valleybrook Church: I'm so honored to have served you on staff.  I am so grateful for our time together and how you are constantly encouraging us to move forward in all that God has.  You have given us great courage when you sent us out in prayer and support.  You have continued to bless us including on Christmas Eve by giving your offering to our project.  We are very honored by your support.  Thank you Valleybrook.

Arise for Children  Thank you for believing in us as we have started Eyes That See.  We were thankful for you when you helped us to bring Ezra and Jackson home and we are very honored to have a deeper relationship and partnership with you now.  You have shown deep generosity towards us.  We pray that God's favor continues to rest on you and that as these families are brought together He is honored.

Christy:  People don't realize how critical you have been at every stage of Eyes That See.  You and Nikki worked hours on the values, tirelessly on what we were called to do and have been so needed as we named and planned the Keziah Project.  Thanks for all of your hard work and support.  You model working for the Lord and not the praises of men.  We are praying for your family and love you guys.

Our Board:  We are blessed by a wonderful board.  Spending time with you two weeks ago was such an encouragement.  These are three men that we are so grateful for.  We are excited to serve this board now and see all that God has going forward.

Doug, thank you for believing in us and showing that practically in so many ways.  We feel such great security that not every start up gets to enjoy.  Thanks for all of you love and care towards us.  There is no way that we could have done this without your tangible support and your constant friendship.  Thanks for always fighting for our friendship.  I love you friend.

Phil, you have been a great support through the beginning of this project.  I could not have done that last trip without you there and I have grown so much from your wisdom and friendship.  Nikki and I are very blessed to have you in our lives as well as on our board.  Who knows, maybe you will be headed back again!

Dan, you are a gift.  When I need a fatherly talk you are always available.  You have helped us to see some potential problems in the most loving and kind ways.  You truly see my wife and affirm the best in her and have been a catalyst in our lives. We are honored that you invest your time and energy in Eyes That See.  Thanks.

There are so many more of you for us to thank.  Hopefully you know the joy it brings us as you work with us to have eyes that see His Kingdom flourish in our midst.  Thanks for everything. Enjoy 2011.

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