Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Water Projects

I know that sometimes within the US we don't realize the importance of clean water.  We are just used to it.  Even The Karate Kid makes fun of how we are used to water, hot or cold, depending on how we want it.  We have tap water that is usually great and bottled water everywhere.  We can't even really imagine life without water.

A few years ago Nikki and I spent some time with a good friend in Ethiopia.  He could not figure out why she would drink water all the time.  To him, even with his several college degrees, water makes you sick.  The headache he lived with was just a part of life.  When we saw the water that they were used to using it all made a lot more sense.

Two years ago I was able to help to dig a well in Wolayta.  When I went to see the site there was a guy standing nearby with a bottle of water he was drinking.  Here's a photo of his drink next to ours.  It's not tea, just water he was used to drinking.

This is why we, along with so many others, are so passionate about getting clean water to people who have none.  Our dream is that each project that we work on will have an Edge filtration unit, or something similar to enable people to have pure water.  Over the coming months we believe there will be two more projects starting. If you are interested in helping us with our water projects, feel free to contact us!

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