Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our friend Endris

Many people who have gone to Ethiopia over the past few years either through Arise for Children or along with Nikki and I have met Endris.  He has a heart that is to serve Ethiopia and see God's Kingdom established among his people.  Last summer he received the government license of Love in Action and Eyes That See has taken this on as our Project 1.  It is at Project 1 that all of the sponsorship, after school programs and everything else is currently happening.  Endris has assembled the staff, done the legal paperwork to begin Project 1, and by Friday will have all of the children officially licensed for the sponsorship program.  When Phil and I were in Ethiopia we took some time to ask some simple questions so you could get to know Endris.
Phil and Endris taking a break

Full name:  Endris Amedo
Position: Director of LIA
Family:  a wife and three children
Work Experience:  previously worked retail as an assistant manager and then went position as Senior Bank Officer at the Bank of Ethiopia.  He surprised the bank when he said he was shifting his career to go into work that would benefit children.  Since then he has worked with three different organizations gaining experience before starting LIA.
Dream for Ethiopia:  Endris' dream for Ethiopia is that as he serves the Lord by teaching the Bible and leading LIA that he will see lives restored, women rescued, and children living in better conditions.  Endris loves to share the gospel with those who are around him.
Favorite Ethiopian food: Kitfo (Matt's least favorite food in the world.  Seriously, raw beef?)
Prayer request: Pray that God fulfills the dreams and visions that He has placed within Endris.  Pray that Endris leads a life that is for God's glory alone.

Endris and the staff

Please be in prayer for our staff in Ethiopia.  We pray that God honors their work everyday.  Thanks for joining us!

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