Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our General Service Man

If you go to the first project of Eyes That See you will immediately meet Aweke Getu.  He is a slender, smiley man who always seems to be adjusting his Ohio State baseball cap.  Every time that I saw Aweke he had a smile on his face and was ready to help.  Aweke is a huge asset to this project as well as to Eyes that See and Arise for Children.  He is responsible for the buildings and grounds of Project 1 (LIA) and does a wonderful job overseeing all maintenance and repairs.

I spent some time with Aweke and asked him for some basics about himself.  This is what he said.

Personal info:  His name is Aweke Getu and he is has a Management Information Systems degree and Computer Science diploma.  His family is from the Nazaret area.
Work Experience: 11 years at the Pentecostal Theological College, with five years as an officer there.  He has also operated a guest house previous to this project.

Dream for Ethiopia:  Aweke talks passionately about how he feels a strong burden for the poor and beggars in Addis.  His dream is that they will see God provide for them in real ways.  

Food:  Aweke loves Doro wat (Chicken stew)

How can we pray?  When I asked how we can pray for him, Aweke asked that we pray "That God fills my heart through His vision and His word.  Pray that God fulfills the dreams that He has put in my heart."  

I can't wait for many of you to meet Aweke.  He'll make you feel right at home (if you like Ohio State anyways!)

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