Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More from Intern Ashley.....

My first home visit was unique and a joy because the woman who welcomed
me into her family's home is 21, like me. Her name is Betlhem and many of
the women call her "Beti". She lives with her mother, father and three of
her five sisters. It was a good first site for me because she explained
that her family is of "good social status"; they raise cattle for a living.
Her family is healthy with the exception of her father who struggles a bit
with Uric Acid, a condition resulting from eating raw meat.
Beti went through primary school and two years of college for housekeeping
and laundering. After college she applied to work for a number of hotels
and businesses, but was turned away because most places are looking for 2 or
more years of experience. She enjoys what she is learning now and happy to
be at the hairdressing school. She shared that hopes and dreams to open her
own salon after graduation even though it may be difficult as rent and
here are expensive.

She would ask for our prayers for "continued health and for good things to
come in her life".
I have included two pictures, one of Beza, Beti & I laughing (because a lot
of our time together was joyful), and one of the three of us with Beti's
mother. Although the photo I will remember most vividly in my mind is that
of leaving. It was pouring rain, as it often does each afternoon here now.
Beti took my hand and pulled me under her umbrella to walk me out of her
street and back to the van. With one hand she held the umbrella over our
heads, and with the other she supported most of my weight as I slid around
on the muddy rocks. Again I was reminded that in every intention to serve,
I am humbled to be taught exactly what that looks like. It's a blessing to
emotionally and literally walk through the 'tricky' and 'sticky' parts of
life with her and each of these women.

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