Monday, June 27, 2011

Meseret - Eyes that See Instuctor

It was very rewarding to spend time with Meseret; learning her story
and discovering her extraordinary heart. She is more than a
hair-dressing instructor for the women in the project and she's lived
a trying 25 years but a gentle spirit of gold is what she has to show
from it.

Meseret used to live near Somalia where she trained women in her own
salon, about 10 years ago, but she always had a heart for the poor.
From my understanding she is now divorced and has one son from a
marriage that God had his way in. Her strength is personified in the
way she carries herself and pursues the women she teaches. The things
she has walked through has made her extremely approachable and a
valuable resource for others craving restoration. I got to ask her a
few specific questions, all of which confirmed my suspicion that she
was someone extremely special...

What's special for you about this job?
God has restored my live from poverty of all kinds and I have found
freedom here. This is a place God has restored me physically and
centered my life. I have found a spiritual restoration as we often
pray together and are free to speak of God and worship. There is a
different atmosphere; it's one of helping, training, sharing tears and
stories, and restoration. There's even a sort of spiritual connection
with the staff and people from America.

What has changed in you because of this opportunity?
I used to work for money, now I work for people. I am here for the
glory of God. I get paid, but God helps me to rescue and help people.
God is here. We have nothing to fear because we are family and
friends. I feel rest and safety. My joy is in people coming here.
So many great, godly and encouraging people come here that I hope God

What do you hope and want for the women in this program?
This group especially is very energetic and they strive for the best.
I hope they will continue to train and follow their dreams with that
energy. They are a very special group and I expect a lot. I also see
their bible determination. In the beginning they were not interested
in having a bible study, small group or prayer time. But just last
week they brought their own bibles, carrying them proudly. They are
making breakthroughs, asking questions and wanting to learn. There is
an atmosphere that you can't avoid. You can't be here and remain the
same, so I expect spiritual transformation for the women as well.

How do they bless and encourage you?
Just this week they were sitting, waiting and looking bored, worn out
and down-cast. I, on a whim, invited them to pray with me. They
willingly got on their knees and cried to God. It's these moments
that are so valuable and change is so visible.

What are your prayer requests?
My biggest request is for the salvation of the women I am with daily.
I hope for them to give their heart and soul to Christ. Many are
restless, without peace and with unmet needs. I want them to know

Meseret has a beautiful and unmatched patience about her. You can
tell that the women love and trust her. Her presence is joyful and
inviting; I don't even speak her language but I find myself wanting to
be around her. Her heart and faith are big and unmistakable. I know
God is using her as a conduit of blessing and change.

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