Saturday, June 4, 2011

LIfe Helping People As A 12 year old....

Life at 12 years old is mostly all about trying to figure out who you are. In my opinion trying to figure out who you are without knowing Jesus could be pretty tough. This is exactly what Eyes That See is doing. It helps kids by supplies and showing who God is and what Jesus did for us. Some of these kids really need Jesus because they probably don't have somebody who really loves them. They don't have somebody to guide them through tough times in life.

If I didn't have Jesus now, it would be hard to know what is good and bad because without Jesus there is no Holy Spirit, without the Holy Spirit there is no way of knowing what is good or bad. Parents can't always protect you from every single bad thing, sometimes you just have to depend and trust the Holy Spirit. That is the best thing Jesus has given us.

- Ezra Ness
12 years old

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  1. What beautiful words, Ezra! And happy belated birthday! :)