Monday, May 16, 2011

Through Jackson's Eyes...

Jackson is 7 years old and spent the first 5 years of his life in Ethiopia. He's lived an entire lifetime in those 5 years and God is doing a mighty work on his heart. Below are some questions I asked him and the answers he gave me, in his own words.....

How do you feel about people helping children in Ethiopia?

First of all it feels good when you get clothes when you don't have clothes. It feels good to your heart. It makes God really really happy because when you are helping kids it makes you feel good and it makes God feel good. It makes your heart happy.

Do you remember at time when you didn't have all the things you needed? Yes

What did that feel like?

Before I was living in the orphanage (KVI) I felt really really sad. I was kinda poor because I didn't have lots of food or lots of clothes. I had to wear clothes for like 5 days in a row.

When you lived in the orphanage, did you ever hear about people praying for you in the United States? How did that make you feel?

Yes. Happy cause when they said people were praying for me I noticed that I felt happy cause people were caring about me and praying for me.

What kind of work has God been doing in your heart to give you Eyes That See?

If you share with somebody, somebody will share back. You can trust God no matter what 'cause if He promised you something He will never forgot and you can trust Him with all your heart, mind, with all your soul, and strength.

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