Friday, May 13, 2011

Northstar Middle School

Today Christy Reppe is stepping up to the plate once again for Eyes That See. She is speaking to a group of 7th graders from Northstar Middle School in Wisconsin. Christy will be sharing about life in Ethiopia and ways these students can make a difference in the lives of children halfway across the world!
Christy with some of the students in Ethiopia
We appreciate you taking the time to do this for the 3rd year in a row Christy!!

Here is what their teacher at Northstar had to say:
7th graders at Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, want to help Eyes That See in conjunction with a project for their Social Studies class. They are learning about building Hope in people dealing with poverty and homelessness. Reaching out to the women and children through Eyes That See is a great opportunity for the 7th grade students to enrich their own lives as they serve others, while they help make a difference for those in Ethiopia! - Paula Tracy
Here are some quotes from the students about why they took part in supporting Eyes That See:

“Here in America we have so much. Why not share with the kids in Africa?” ~Alyssa

“When I hear that Eyes That See was working with Ethiopia, I remembered my teacher Mr. Brown’s son Elijah. He was an orphan in Ethiopia that Mr. Brown adopted. It made me want to help and give to the other kids in Ethiopia.” ~Sebastian
“I wanted to help. We have so much and they don’t.” ~Cory

“So I could help other kids that are less fortunate than we are.” ~Zac

“People take pleasure out of many things. But I take pleasure out of helping other people.” ~Adrian
They made books to share about their lives with the Ethiopian students

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