Sunday, May 15, 2011

Through Connie's Eyes.....

Have you ever supported a cause that you weren't sure where the money was going? Well, no need to anymore!

I support "Eyes That See" for many reasons. I know where the money is going and I know that it is supporting beautiful people in Ethiopia.
I have never been to Ethiopia physically although I feel as tho I have. I have received many gifts that were hand crafted by Ethiopians and also have tasted the food that is eaten there.

My most precious gifts from Ethiopia are my 3 grandsons who are now a part of a forever beautiful family. The love that I have received from these boys is overwhelming. They love me unconditionally just as God does. I am blessed.
I have been asked if I can love them like my other grandchildren and my response to that is ...absolutely....they are definitely my grandsons and they are easy to love.
Eyes That See is a mission of love and obedience and my prayer is: that people in the US will open their eyes and see that we are all children of God. We just live in different parts of the world. Many parts of the world God has called us to be his hands and feet to honor Him. This is the mission of" Eyes That See."
Something to ponder: All our souls are the same color.

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