Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Second Class

Our second class of hairdressing students has just finished the theory part of their schooling.  They are about to practice putting this education into action.  They are each meeting with the counselor as well and we are seeing great results from this.

I love the timing of these women beginning to apply what they know.  I feel like it is much the same for some of us.  We have known that we want to see this world change, want to help people, and even known how.  This past month so many of us have practiced caring for others outside of our homes and are now seeing dramatic changes in our lives.  Whether you are making cupcakes for Uganda, caring for your coworker differently, investing in one of the women in this new class, or eagerly waiting for what you are passionate about, we want to encourage you to put your passions into practice.

Endris told us that a bunch of pictures would be coming soon, so keep checking back with us.  Enjoy your day and thanks for being a part of Eyes That See.

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