Sunday, March 20, 2011

More about the Graduation!

The graduation day of our first group of women went so well. It was a very special day. Each woman dressed up in her best outfit and had her family come to support her. The 10 women even put on a hair show for all the guest. They showcased each of their hairstyles they have learned to do. Matt had the opportunity to share some encouraging words with them and also share how proud we all are of their accomplishments.

This is such a wonderful day for them. This marks a huge beginning in the next step of their lives. I am so honored that I had the chance to get to know each one of them on my trip there last month. The thing is these women really aren't that different from you or me. They've made choices and had circumstances in their lives that didn't always take them down the path they wanted to go. But God in all His glory has redeemed their stories and washed them clean just as He has and longs to do for each of us.
We can not thank you enough for your support which makes moments like these possible!

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