Saturday, December 11, 2010

Infinitea's Support

If you live in Eau Claire, you know how great Infinitea Teahouse is.  Their tea is wonderful and the environment is incredible.  I loved stopping to visit when I lived in Eau Claire.  Whether you are a regular or you have never visited I want to invite you to go to Infinitea this Sunday for their "Valleybrook Charity Event."  They have partnered with Valleybrook Church to have extended hours this Sunday where from 12-5 20% of purchases goes to Eyes That See.  If you are free, please go and support this great business as they support us.  Thanks everyone!


  1. This is incredible, I always knew I liked that place and now they've confirmed my visiting over Christmas break!

  2. We will definitely be visiting there after our time with the Valleybrook Kids! Kevan and Julie