Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Wish List

As you are Christmas shopping, I want to invite you to think about buying the twenty students at Project 1 a gift as well.  I talked to Endris, the project manager, and there are three distinct needs the project has to care for these students.

New Uniforms ($10 a piece) Many of these students were amazed that they would be gifted a uniform a few months ago.  They no longer had to wear pants with broken zippers or shirts that didn't fit.  Now, we are looking to buy them a second uniform so their first can not only be washed, but dried, mended and given back to them folded like new.  I cannot wait to see their faces as they are given this gift.  We have twenty students who would love this gift.

10 New Chairs ($30 a piece) We just added ten new students to our project.  Being that we are brand new, this means that they are needing chairs to sit on.  They use these chairs during the tutoring classes and during their meal times.

5 New Desks ($60 a piece) Like the chairs, we are needing desks.  The desks hold two students a piece, so we are only needing five.  When we add these chairs and desks the new students will feel fully engaged and welcome in the project.  We want them to feel safe and at home so that they can learn most effectively.

Thanks for partnering with us in this way.  If you have questions, please contact us or even comment below.


  1. Hi Matt, Adam and I would like to purchase the five desks. Would you like us to send a check or give it to you at Church on Dec. 26?

  2. If you would like to bring it on the 26th that would be great. I would love to thank you in person.