Friday, July 8, 2011

Yonathan - Through Ashley's Eyes.....

Yonathan is one of the favorites at the compound; he's pretty brilliant and he has a huge heart. The longer I'm here, the more he has opened his story to me. He used to run when I pulled out my camera, but now he greets me with a 'pound it' saying "knuckles"!
In English classes he sometimes helps me, translating for them when there are things they don't understand and I'm struggling to explain. He's often seen with his arm around one of the other boys helping them to complete sentences and giving them examples.
Yonathan is 14 and in 8th grade. He's got an older brother Abenezer who is 20. He lives with his mother who is healthier than she used to be and he talks about the way he loves to be with and help his family. I asked him what he wants to do when he's older, and he quickly responded "I want to be a doctor". I asked him what kind, and without hesitation he spouted "Lung Specialist". When I asked why, he boldly shared "When I talk to people in Ethiopia they tell me there have only been three Lung Specialists here... pause... I'm going to be the fourth". When I ask how he got interested in this to begin with he shared that one of his close friend's mother's has lung problems.
This is a kid who loves to play on his cell phone and can kick everyone's butt in soccer.

He's someone I've come to love to put into head locks, and a teenage boy that will finish the food I can't. Yet his heart and vision for his own people is unique and specific. It has been a blessing to get to serve and teach him. His story and life humble me and fill me with hope. Yonathan is a kid that believes he can make positive change and he has a deep rooted faith that he can share in two languages. I'm excited to see what kind of story is written with his life.

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