Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There is a facility within Addis that has been beautifully prepared for people to come and feel refreshed, empowered, and encouraged.  A classroom has already been built.  A water purification system has already been installed by a team from Pastor Matt Dye's church in Kentucky.  The walls are painted and the furniture is in place.  
I get to have the honor of watching as the doors our opened up by our Ethiopian friends.  We will be opening the doors to the community several days a week.  We will begin by serving a meal, offering after school tutoring, showers, and washing and mending uniforms for the children. We will have this facility open to the community so they can come and take pure water back to their homes for cooking and drinking.  It is a simple task, but it is a start. 
We have received some support for this project.  As we prepare to go and start this I want to ask you for specific prayer as well.  Here are some requests:

  • Please pray for Endris and others who will be on staff at this LIA project.  Pray for God's protection and courage as they begin to serve in this way.
  • Pray for wisdom as we begin this program.  We only want to place our feet where He has guided our steps.
  • Pray for Phil and I as we go and for our families back home as we are gone. 
  • Pray for our eyes to see our Father in new ways and to see His Kingdom clearly before us.  
Thanks for all of your prayers.  We'll make sure to keep you filled in on everything!

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